The Jarap’ay Collection challenges the current values of consumption and production of jewellery, by uniting  Peruvian heritage, longevity and craftsmanship. The Lliklla, a cloth wrapping worn by women from Peru for millennia inspires the design identity.

A system of collaborative working wove the thread that connects the forms for this collection. Each piece is the result of a dialogue between two women, Andrea Jose and local metalsmith Karent.

The natural alloys of Peruvian gold and silver gift a rich and unusual tonal range. Using a regenerative perspective, the gold has been ‘slow-mined’ using responsible practices through a partnership with Don Pedro, a miner from Peru’s Amazonian region.

Recognising the value of heritage the collection draws upon, a percentage of profit from the gold pieces will contribute to the reforestation of the Amazon Rainforest and training in mercury-free practices in collaboration with ‘Pure Earth’ a New York based NGO.