Lliclla Chain

Mercury- free Gold Chain Necklace handmade in collaboration between designer Andrea Jose and Peruvian goldsmiths. Designed and inspired by the Peruvian millenary textile traditions, it has the same length of a traditional pearl necklace.

A statement piece of jewellery and a collectible object, the master work of this piece lies in the art of wrapping. Its lock is versatile and hidden to allow the wearer use many varied options to wrap it around the neck.

A 100 hours of work to design and co-create one of these Pearls of the Andes, a craft and legacy between Peruvian women for Peruvian women.

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Shipping Terms:

  • Each piece is a unique hand crafted design. Allow 4-12 weeks for the pieces to be shipped. Once your order is confirmed, we will take you through the journey of creation of your modern heirloom.
  • Global shipping costs depend on each country and start at USD 220 for orders superior to USD 1,000. For pieces below USD 1,000 global shipping costs start at USD 100. Customs fees and taxes are assumed by each client.
  • As soon as your product is shipped, you will receive a tracking number to know where your order is at all times.