Reciprocity means today for you, tomorrow for me. It is the base for a friendship and partnership. A concept widely used in the Andean and South American indigenous communities. Because we have often forgotten about the connection between gold and the land where it comes from, a jewel loses its value if its story comes from a distorted vision of what is truly valuable. Reciprocity means going back to the roots, to the origin and give back.

Jewellery is a pathway that allows us to become change agents. Inspired by the value of reciprocity, this collective of jewellers works with the purpose to strengthen the connections between the miner, the jeweller and the consumer in order to elevate the jewelry industry to an honest, respectful and more human industry.

Each jeweller will present their  jewellery collections in a curated exhibition that will last some days during NY Jewelry Week. Jewellers will feature a capsule collection made in responsibly sourced gold from two communities of artisanal miners from Madre de Dios, located at the Amazon region in Peru, who are committed to responsible mining practices such as mercury elimination and reforestation. This year, we want to explode this concept and include the use of NFTs for each of the jewelry pieces, opening up the possibility of  purchasing  the exhibited jewelry within the Metaverse so, that traceability will be a key part of this exhibit.

This exhibit celebrates the value of a reciprocal approach within the jewellery system.