Lliclla Chain Bracelet

Mercury-free Gold bracelet handmade in collaboration between designer Andrea Jose and Peruvian goldsmiths. Inspired by the Lliclla, a textile mantle, one of the Peruvian old-age textile traditions, that has been passed from generation to generation. The Lliclla necklace has the same length of a traditional pearl bracelet. Unique to the Andean regions of Latin America, this tradition of weaving the Lliclla for the next generation is passed from mother to daughter.

Women in the Andes use the Lliclla, to carry their children, food, precious objects. As well, in the ancient times, the textiles were also used to carry the dead.

The Lliclla is crafted symbolizing the origin of the wearers, where the lines represent the geography where the person comes from. It is a symbol of protection, heritage and ethnic representation.

Just like pearls are a family heirloom, the gold Lliclla bracelet we create at Andrea Jose, is a family heirloom. Unlike any other heirloom we allow you to trace the material of the Lliclla necklace back to its single origin.

The versatility of the chain bracelet and the elegance of its form, are a real statement piece.

You will receive a personal appointment online or in person at our studio in Peru with Andrea José, who will guide your purchase.

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Shipping Terms:

  • Each piece is a unique hand crafted design. Allow 4-12 weeks for the pieces to be shipped. Once your order is confirmed, we will take you through the journey of creation of your modern heirloom.
  • Global shipping costs is USD 250 for orders superior to USD 1,000. For pieces below USD 1,000 global shipping costs is USD 150. Customs fees and taxes are assumed by each client.
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