Paso Bracelet Silver

Pearls from the Andes turned into a chain and cuff bracelet.

The history, culture and in particular, the textiles from Peru inspire the form for this bracelet. Handmade in Peruvian mercury-free gold, this bracelet resembles a textile inspired chain, hand crafted.

The name ‘Paso’ comes from the Paso horse style from Peru. It’s elegant way of walking accompanies the traditional Marinera dance. This cuff is the mix of elegance and strength, combining a cuff with a chain together. An elegant equestrian inspiration combines ancient goldsmithing techniques from Peru with the use of the textile mantle ‘Lliclla’ worn by Peruvian women for millennia.

As an statement fine jewellery bracelet, it can be the perfect gift for unique occasions.

Each piece requires constant iterations and a careful work that decants in more than 60 hours from the sourcing, design and making process between designer Andrea Jose and local goldsmiths.

  • This bracelet can be ‘crafted as a bespoke piece’ using other gold colours and textures that the client can chose with our team.
  • Engraving: It is possible to add a tiny engraving inside. If more detailed engraving is needed, it will be crafted as a bespoke design.
  • Stones: contact us and we can coordinate a setting design and source the stone responsibly for you.
  • If client requires a particular finish, they can reach us and we do our best to achieve it.

Choose Gold Colour / Size / Stone Variations

Shipping Terms:

  • Each piece is a unique hand crafted design. Allow 4-12 weeks for the pieces to be shipped. Once your order is confirmed, we will take you through the journey of creation of your modern heirloom.
  • Global shipping costs is USD 250 for orders superior to USD 1,000. For pieces below USD 1,000 global shipping costs is USD 150. Customs fees and taxes are assumed by each client.
  • As soon as your product is shipped, you will receive a tracking number to know where your order is at all times.